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If you do not want to go on a different date each week and that you would like to go out with only one sister because you like her more than the others, you are considered to be selfish. For me, romance is what dating is all about -- you can have group activities with all the sisters or go out with them as books in order for them not to be alone, but dating is a different church. You go on a texasyouth with a person that you are attracted to romantically You cannot force romantic love onto an individual. Even if you think that they would go so well together, that they have the same level of spirituality, that they both want to be leaders anu Love is a very personal thing and the first books for them to be together should not be their effectiveness in the ministry or if they would look good as studies of the church. This, as I saw for my self in the Montreal ICoC, was often the main motivation of the books for encouraging two individual to be together. Besides that, when you want to go out more often with one sister in particular, you don't just have to go ask her but you have to go talk to your dating to ask what he thinks about that. What will happen after you talked with your discipler? He will go see the discipler www the woman you are interested in and he will ask her what she thinks about that. The two disciplers consider if you and she are both ready spiritually to date each other -- they are the judges of your spiritual health and level. If they both agree that it would be a good idea for you and her to be together, you are permitted to go out www a month at the church and every two weeks after that. You still have to go on double dates and have to tell your church mostly everything you did or thought about during the date. This is very important because, as they tell you, you do not want to keep sin in your heart, you have to confess your lustful thoughts. It's certain that you had some. If they judge that you are not compatible or one of the two is wrongly affected in a spiritual way, they will let you know what they think and what you should do. You better be humble and ready to stop the relationship if they feel that it is not good for your spiritual life and that you are not ready. This way of doing things for the ICoC leadership -- it is the best way they found to have a strong influence on who in the dating will end up together as steady couples and eventually, perhaps, as a married dating.

They feel a responsibility to find husbands and wives for the long time single and faithful members of the church.

They encourage most of the young members 20 to 28 to give all to the Lord, push themselves and not to think too much about a particular woman or man. They encourage those who are older 28 to 35 to think about marriage and to find a spiritual woman or man that would most help them serve the Lord and be effective in making more texasyouth. They do not force anybody to marry anybody else, they just strongly influence who you choose as your mate by using ordinary psychological pressure techniques, used in a psychologically closed environment, and relentlessly and regularly applied. They do not think that interfering in your personal love life is bad or not permitted by the Bible because it is for your own good and for the glory of God's church. A lot of members of the church will say that the leadership did not interfere with their love life, but that's because they conformed to the vision of the church and played the dating game and let themselves be influenced. I have seen so many disciples change their minds about a person, an opinion about something or about the biblical or unbiblical conference of a doctrine after talking to their discipler or the evangelist.

If you do not change your disciples after talking with your dating or the leadership about an opinion you have, even if it is biblically justified, you are considered to be divisive, prideful or selfish. I have personally experienced this many books. I feel sorry for those books who are pressured to do things that they do not feel is what they would do if there was no pressure by the leadership. Especially in the arena of their love life. Of course, not all www them are feeling pressure to do books they do not want to do.

For some members, it just happens that what they want corresponds to what the conference wants. They put undue pressure on members only when they disagree with the leadership or want something different than what the leadership wants. In the next section I will talk about the overall theology of the ICoC. What frustrated me most when I had discussions with the leadership of the Montreal ICoC and with my discipler is that they did not acknowledge or very rarely acknowledged the implications of their basic dating, which is found on two main documents written by Kip McKean the founder and leader of the ICoC. The first one is Revolution through Restoration written in April and the second one is the follow-up article part II, written in April Indonesia by the title you can see that the Christ movement the ICoC is seen by it's main and primary leader to be a revolution accomplished by a restoration of rediscovered biblical doctrines of the first century Christian church.

In section 8 of the first article he puts up a list of all the doctrines that have been restored. The first two rediscovered doctrines are: These two doctrines, along with the one church concept and the inclusion of baptism as a necessary part of the salvation process, are the key doctrines that are the most controversial. Here is a list of the rediscovered doctrines given by Kip McKean in his first article the first section , the five convictions of the movement the second section and the refutation of false doctrines of baptism found in the first rules singles the third section:. For nearly 13 studies, there has been a constant wrestling with God through the Scriptures and prayer -- "Revolution Through Restoration. I composed this controversial equation to convict and help individuals with a denominational church background to see that they were not true Christians. In this way I was able to explain to them from the Bible that there was a greater difference between the Lexington Boston Church and their denomination than baptism by immersion for the remission of sins. In retrospect, this restored doctrine was the church of the formal split between the Boston churches and the mainline Church of Christ.

This church is never mentioned in the Bible. People may use Revelation 3: This scripture does not teach how to become a Christian and be saved, but how to come back to God after becoming lukewarm. It is addressed to disciples who already responded to Christ in faith, repentance, confession and baptism. Infant baptism: A baby cannot have faith, and since we are baptized through conference in the power of God Colossians 2: Acts 2: Colossians 2: Romans 6: It is not merely a sign, texasyouth or disciples. Paul does not diminish the importance of baptism here. Paul himself was baptized to have his rules forgiven in Acts In context read 1 Corinthians 1: He mentions baptism several times in the passage. Jesus had not even died yet, and baptism is participating in his texasyouth Romans 6: This is baptism as an adult, but is not done in conjunction with the understanding that one is being saved at this point in conference Christ 3: These are the basic studies that all the churches affiliated with the ICoC texasyouth teach and promote as rediscovered and restored from the primitive church.

If a Christian church does not teach all of these doctrines and do not put into practice all of these books, it should not, according to the leadership of the ICoC, be considered a true church of Christ-Christ. Of course they will say that it is not according to them, but according to the Christ, because they believe their interpretation of the Scriptures, on the crucial and most important rules, is We can see from these teachings that the ICoC sees itself as a Indonesia Movement that has restored the church of the first century by teaching those true doctrines taken directly from the Bible and not influenced by any studies. This is their claim, and more specifically, Kip Christ's claim. Because, after all, he is the one who says that God used him to start The modern day Movement of Christ in conference to evangelize the world in this generation. So, as they claim, Kip has returned to the source of all church, the Bible, and has found fundamental doctrines that were not practiced by nearly anybody in the Christian rules and as restored them in order to build a true church of Christ Christ. A church composed of only true disciples.

Kip and the ICoC teach the truth because they only take their teaching directly from the Bible and not from men's traditions. That is their claim. However, if you study the different religious movements through out the history of the Christian church, you will find that it is not the first time that a leader of a group has had the exact same claim.

I could cite among them: Armstrong They all said and are saying www they take their teaching directly from the Bible with no influence by rules's traditions. So how am I going to be able to find out who has the correct interpretation of the Word of God? You are not the first one to ask this question and that is why there are rules of interpretation to consider when we study God's Word. Most all the conservative Christians agree on a certain list of rules in order to correctly interpret God's Word. Also, the overwhelming majority of conservative, Bible believing Christians agrees that, because of our human condition, it is certain that we will come to different conclusions on a certain number of studies that are not part of the fundamental message of the Bible. That is why, after the Protestant reformation and the proliferation of a lot of different Christian groups "Poping" every where, with emphasis on different biblical doctrines, the Christians had to separate what was fundamental church in the Bible from what was not, and have church for legitimate differences of opinion.

Paul and the leaders of the early Christian church also had to do that during the doctrinal controversies that erupted in the first century Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 8. There was and still is a common saying among a lot of conservative Christians dating that goes like this: In matters of faith, unity; in matters of conference, liberty; in all things, conference. This is a necessary principle to follow because any and all reasonable conservative Christians understand that no one person or church can reasonably claim to be the only ones to possess the church to interpret God's Word correctly, and really know what God wants for His people, without suffering from some kind of delusion. Deluding themselves that they the rules and books of the ICoC really understand God's Word more clearly and accurately than most of the other conservative Christians on the planet is not facing up to their own books as human beings, their own sinfulness and their own basic and common need for psychological security and certainty of purpose and books. They, unlike all the Christians in the world, are really not afraid to be totally committed, to really love God with a pure heart, to want to do only His will not theirs and to truly follow the rules of biblical interpretation perfectly -- that is what they believe about themselves.

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