The Till Richter Museum offers research possibilities for art historians in two ways.

We organize the yearly ICON conference. ICON stands for Issues, Controversies and Objects Now and aims at congregating scholars and practitioners from art related disciplines to shed light at very topical and pressing issues.

Moreover, any scholar interested in studying any of the works or artists included in the collection or featured in an exhibition is invited to contact the museum directly.

We are particularly interested in participation from young and emerging scholars as this relates to our general concept.


The Rising Stars Residency is offered by the museum to promote the career of the most promising artists from Germany and from abroad. Every year one or more artists are chosen to live and work in the Museum. They create work during the Spring and Summer which is then exhibited from August to January in the museum’s main space that consists of 9 rooms over 400 square meters.
The artists are offered a stipend to help cover cost of living, transport and materials.
Rising Stars Residency Artist 2014: Prof. Miguel A. Aragón (Mex/USA)
Rising Stars Residency Artist 2015: Ariane Roesch (USA/D)
For more information please contact Dr. Till Richter.